Insta-Pot Turkey

This was suppose to be an email to my friends Bridget, Greg, Cynthia and Deb. I warned them that it was more of a blog than an email. Turns out it was too big to be an email so here it is as a blog! Ha, ha…

Hello friends, 
So last night I cooked a 13 pound turkey in my 8 qt. Insta-Pot! Bridget and Greg asked for pictures so this email is more of a blog. Hope you do not mind. 

After research Tom and I decided to get the bigger Pot as Cynthia said she could cook a whole chicken in her 6 qt. but had to cut it up. I wanted to just stick my chicken in the pot and cook away. So the first thing Tom wants to cook is a 14 pound turkey, not a chicken!

All the Insta-Pot recipes I was finding were for a turkey breast, not a whole turkey. So I searched the web and found a U-Tube video of a 12 pound turkey being cooked in a 10 qt. Elite cooker. I used that as my guide.

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the turkey not quite fitting in the pot. Turns out we had to cut up the turkey ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh well. 

The video suggested browning the turkey skin in the oven at 400*  for 30 minutes before putting it in the Pot so I did this. There is no need for this step as after cooking in the Pot the skin just about melts and is hard to find or eat. I did my usual of putting a butter/garlic mix rubbed under the skin and salt and pepper on the outside skin.

To get the turkey or other large meats out of the Pot in one piece after cooking you need to make foil slings. So I did this. 

Turkey breast, two quarters with leg and thigh and two drummets are tucked into the Pot and one cup of chicken broth is added to the bottom. 

As recommend by the video I cooked the turkey on the poultry setting, high pressure for 60 minutes, then let the pressure release naturally for another 30 minutes and then released the remaining steam (not much left). It took 16 minutes for the pressure to build to the cooking time.

Done for sure.

Came out nicely with the sling!

Falling off the bone! No picking up the leg and chewing on it.

No mess carving but I found the breast meat to be a bit dry even if it fell apart. 

Next time I will not bother with the pre browning in the oven. No sense as you are not going to eat the skin that is left. I would just cook in the Pot. Not sure for how long, maybe 50 minutes. Tom is ready to cook another one but we have to finish eating this one first!

I had 4 cups of broth in the bottom of the Pot that made a great gravy. 

Now on to breakfast!!

Yesterday I got my 7″ springform pan and thought what can I make in the Pot.
Sausage, onion, cheddar Strata! 
Cooked on Manual high pressure for 15 minutes .

Then I topped with two pieces of cooked bacon and broiled for a couple minutes to brown. We had browned the sausage and onion in the bacon grease before mixing.

A bit of egg leaked out the bottom of the pan when cooking but it was still very good.
So, of course I have already ordered my 7″ baking pan set from Amazon. 

Happy cooking!

Janathon Week 2

Janathon Day 16

Streak Day 16


This has been a week of wintery mix and zero degree wind chill. Not the best for outdoor running. I have used the treadmill more this January than in the past two years. I have never liked the treadmill and only bought it to train for the Napa Valley Marathon in the winter of 2014. We had so much snow I was having a hard time getting my runs in. I got a very simple treadmill from Amazon with free overnight shipping!


The running that winter was very much like today. Snow covered roads that feel like you are running in sand. This morning’s wintery mix started with icy rain. I waited until it turned to snow so there would be some traction. I wore my ice spikes that are really ย just screws in the soul of your sneakers.



Today was my ‘long’ run and I just couldn’t bare to do it on the treadmill. ย Today was about distance not pace, especially with the snow cover. I need to work up to 20 mile weeks by February 20 when my half marathon training starts!



January 16: Great Road; 4 miles/12:35 pace/50:20 minutes

January 15: Great Road; 2 miles/11:45 pace/23:30 minutes

January 14: Treadmill; 1.5 miles/10:55 pace/16:22 minutes

January 13: Treadmill; 1 mile/11:12 pace and minutes

January 12: Treadmill; 1 mile/11:14 pace and minutes

Total distance this week; 13.5 miles, average pace 11:47, total time 2 hours 39 minutes.


This coming week is predicted to be very cold but no snow. I foresee more treadmill time. That’s ok. It gets it done.




Berlin Wall

I did not run this morning which has been my habit for the past 10 days. It was my day off and I was busy with ‘things’ this morning. I said to myself that I would run sometime later in the day. After all I have a commitment to a streak and Janathon to uphold.


Off I went to do errands, vet appointments and lunch with Cynthia. I ate a big lunch. I was full even when I got home. So I started making the chili for dinner. ย For some reason while I was cooking I had a snack and hot chocolate. Not that I was hungry. But I did. My stomach was full again. So no run yet.


It was a very windy and cold day so I had intended to run a mile on the treadmill to meet my requirements. I did more chores around the house and kept busy. Next thing I knew it was after 5 PM. I thought, I would like a ‘Berlin Wall’ tonight. That is my signature Tequila drink. As I asked my husband if he would like to join me I realized I had not run yet today!!


That would not do. I changed and hoped on the treadmill. Seems I can run faster when motivated ๐Ÿ˜‰

January 11: Treadmill; 1 mile/10:36 time and pace.

There you go.



Berlin Wall

2 1/2 oz. of a good Reposado Tequila

1 oz. John D. Taylor Velvet Falernum

1 oz. Fresh lime juice

1-2 Drops of orange biters


Wintery Mix

So this was suppose to be the title of yesterday’s blog.


This is a color photo even though it looks black and white. This was what I woke to on Saturday morning. I was hoping to get a quick run outside before heading to Boston for brunch with my college friends.

I ran on the treadmill Friday and turns out Saturday too.


I must say that I am looking forward to finding a way to get my daily run in now. I have a ten day streak going. In 25 years of running (yes I started late) I have never run 10 days in a row! Normally I would look for reasons not to run and there are lots of them. Now it is, where, when and how far am I running today.


I got outside this morning to run 3 miles. It was a light rain and mild to moderate wind. I got a tailwind coming back this morning. The forecast was for pouring rain and 20 mile hour winds this afternoon. I wanted to avoid that even though the tempature was to be 50 F degrees!


We celebrated 40 years of friendship yesterday since our freshman year of college. We had a great time having brunch on Newbury St in Boston. Everyone made it for our college New Year’s brunch and shopping walk on Newbury/Copley plaza. I love Boston for visiting but love my country life.


Left to right: Me (Mel), Julie, Sue, Cathy, Mary, and Kathy.

Love you ladies.


January 8; Friday: Treadmill; 1.2 mile/13:22 minute/11:08 pace

January 9; Saturday: Treadmill; 1 mile/1o:48 minute and pace

January 10; Sunday: Great Rd.; 3 mile/35:45 minute/11:55 pace


I am trying not to run to far too fast with an everyday run. I don’t want an injury. Distance and pace will come.


Janathon and the streak live on ๐Ÿ˜‰


Janathon Week One

image.jpegWeek one and I have run every day. This means my streak is still alive too! I have not felt this good about running in years.


After running inside for the past two mornings due to below zero weather I got up and headed outdoors. It was a balmy 15 F degrees and felt 15 degrees! No wind or chill factor. The moon, planets and stars were beautiful. So much so I stopped a couple times to try and capture the image. Unfortunately I only had my phone, it was dark and I didn’t have my glasses on to see what I was doing ๐Ÿ™‚ This picture doesn’t do justice but I wanted to share.


Although I did risk my health running outside today!

Air Quality Alert
National Weather Service Gray ME
435 AM EST Thu Jan 7 2016

Cheshire NH-
Including the cities of…Jaffrey…Keene
435 AM EST Wed Jan 7 2016

…Unhealthy air Quality expected in Cheshire County expected tonight…Thursday…And Friday morning…

The New Hampshire department of environmental services is predicting unhealthy air Quality in Cheshire County, especially populated Valley areas, on Wednesday evening, all Day thursday, and Friday morning. Moderate air pollution Levels are predicted for the remainder of the state on thursday. Children, older adults, or anyone with Heart or lung disease who are in these areas should limit prolonged exertion.


This air quality risk is due to all the wood stoves burning and low pressure and no winds. I love the smell of wood burning in the winter and there were plenty of stoves burning in our little valley this morning.


January 6 AM run on the treadmill: 1.4 miles/10:56 pace/15:18 time.

January 7 AM run Great Rd.: 3 miles/11:41 pace/35:04 time.



So, first run on the treadmill today. One mile as that is what I need to keep the streak alive. When I was young I would run in below zero weather. But not now. Normally if I had not committed to this streak I would not have bothered to put on running shoes and start up the treadmill. I would have just read for a few more minutes before getting ready for work. I feel good.



Baby It’s Cold Outside

I went out to run late this morning because I could.

It was a sunny 17 F degrees outside with a, feels like, 3 F degrees. My goal was to run 3 miles which I did. I was hoping my pace would continue to improve but I was tired and cold.


I was disappointed at mile one to hear Runkeeper tell me my pace was 12:08. I was even more disappointed to hear my second mile pace was 12:11. I decided to challenge myself to run the last mile faster than the first two. That last mile is usually my slowest as it is mostly up hill and today I had a headwind and chill factor. But I did it! Last mile pace 12:00.


Janathon day 4:

3 miles, 36:21, 12:06 pace


Tomorrow morning it is suppose to be 4 F degrees and feel like – 10.

I think I will have my first treadmill run of the year ๐Ÿ™‚

Janathon Day 3

So far so good. I am so motivated by the idea of Janathon and a ‘streak’. It feels easy to commit to at least one mile a day for the streak. Of course I will run more than that but really want to ease back into running without injury.


I barely ran these past three months after my half marathon at the end of September. I trained a bit too quickly and paid with right ankle pain for over two months. So far so good. Sometimes I think I feel a tiny ache but that is it. No pain. Not going to try to go from 0-60 in six seconds with my running. Maybe in my MINI but not in my sneakers ๐Ÿ˜‰


Today I ran the same 1.4 miles I did on Friday, January 1. Over a minute faster! 16:20 for a pace of 11:33. Better than yesterday’s 2 miler. I think it helps to walk a mile with Tom and the dogs in my running clothes before my official run. Just come in and change jackets and head back out. We will see how well that goes next week when I am up at 4:30AM for work in a couple of days.


I forgot to mention that I used the last of my summer garden grown onions last night on the pizza.


Janathon Day 2

And the streak continues, ha, ha.


I achieved my two goals for today; run 2 miles at a pace of 12 minutes or faster.

Well done.


23:46 minutes.

11:53 pace.


The rest of the day was taking Tom around as he can not drive given his neck surgery this past Monday and cooking.


First up, Mini Salmon and Asparagus Frittatas. Not bad but needs some salt and maybe the Yogurt Lemon dressing.



Then supper was my loaded Pesto Chicken Pizza



Did you notice that I managed to insert photos in to my blog!

Janathon 2016

It has been a year and a half since I posted a blog. I created this site in June 2014 to document my participation in Junathon 2014. Janathon and Junathon are challenges to exercise, run, be active, do something every day of January or June. In 2014 the rules were that you had to blog your activity. Now you can note your activity on the FB page. This is what I did for 2015 Junathon.
At the end of June 2014 I thought I would continue to blog. But I did not. This page is pretty simple as I do not know enough to make it as fancy as some others like my friend Cynthia. Maybe I will get her to help my spruce up this site. In the mean time this is it. I don’t even remember how to attach pictures!
So this is my first Janathon. I was listening to NPR yesterday on my way home from work. There was an interview with a man who had a running ‘streak’ of 28 years! He had run every day for 28 years. There is a Running Streak Club. You can join and be an associate member any time. To be a premier member and have your ‘streak’ recored you must run at least 1 mile, 1.6K every day for a year. Interesting new year goal. Run a mile every day. That’s 10-12 minutes a day (for me). That’s not much time out of your day now is it. There is no pace requirement. Good thing as I am pretty slow these days.
I need something to spur me on. Get me back on the road. It has been a long and difficult year in many ways. So I thought I’d try for a streak of my own. Who knows how long or how far it may take me.
What better way to start than to sign up for Janathon. Today I ran a slow 1.4 miles at a 12:24 minute pace. That is slower than usual but my back is very sore. Not sure why but it is. My goal for tomorrow is 2 miles.
I also have a goal of doing a half marathon in Yellowstone in June of this year. But more on that later.