Insta-Pot Turkey

This was suppose to be an email to my friends Bridget, Greg, Cynthia and Deb. I warned them that it was more of a blog than an email. Turns out it was too big to be an email so here it is as a blog! Ha, ha…

Hello friends, 
So last night I cooked a 13 pound turkey in my 8 qt. Insta-Pot! Bridget and Greg asked for pictures so this email is more of a blog. Hope you do not mind. 

After research Tom and I decided to get the bigger Pot as Cynthia said she could cook a whole chicken in her 6 qt. but had to cut it up. I wanted to just stick my chicken in the pot and cook away. So the first thing Tom wants to cook is a 14 pound turkey, not a chicken!

All the Insta-Pot recipes I was finding were for a turkey breast, not a whole turkey. So I searched the web and found a U-Tube video of a 12 pound turkey being cooked in a 10 qt. Elite cooker. I used that as my guide.

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the turkey not quite fitting in the pot. Turns out we had to cut up the turkey 😉 Oh well. 

The video suggested browning the turkey skin in the oven at 400*  for 30 minutes before putting it in the Pot so I did this. There is no need for this step as after cooking in the Pot the skin just about melts and is hard to find or eat. I did my usual of putting a butter/garlic mix rubbed under the skin and salt and pepper on the outside skin.

To get the turkey or other large meats out of the Pot in one piece after cooking you need to make foil slings. So I did this. 

Turkey breast, two quarters with leg and thigh and two drummets are tucked into the Pot and one cup of chicken broth is added to the bottom. 

As recommend by the video I cooked the turkey on the poultry setting, high pressure for 60 minutes, then let the pressure release naturally for another 30 minutes and then released the remaining steam (not much left). It took 16 minutes for the pressure to build to the cooking time.

Done for sure.

Came out nicely with the sling!

Falling off the bone! No picking up the leg and chewing on it.

No mess carving but I found the breast meat to be a bit dry even if it fell apart. 

Next time I will not bother with the pre browning in the oven. No sense as you are not going to eat the skin that is left. I would just cook in the Pot. Not sure for how long, maybe 50 minutes. Tom is ready to cook another one but we have to finish eating this one first!

I had 4 cups of broth in the bottom of the Pot that made a great gravy. 

Now on to breakfast!!

Yesterday I got my 7″ springform pan and thought what can I make in the Pot.
Sausage, onion, cheddar Strata! 
Cooked on Manual high pressure for 15 minutes .

Then I topped with two pieces of cooked bacon and broiled for a couple minutes to brown. We had browned the sausage and onion in the bacon grease before mixing.

A bit of egg leaked out the bottom of the pan when cooking but it was still very good.
So, of course I have already ordered my 7″ baking pan set from Amazon. 

Happy cooking!


3 thoughts on “Insta-Pot Turkey

  1. I can’t believe you undertook such an ambitious first project!! What fun! I’ve been planning a quiche or strata next as I have a dozen eggs here. But I don’t yet have a suitable pan…

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